The Explorer - Backpack

This backpack is the perfect compact solution for organizing and carrying your gear for going to the dog park, hiking, beach trips or any other adventures with your dog. This backpack offers a lot of storage considering it's size, making it perfect for day trips, longer walks or training. Lightweight, durable, water resistent and comfortable to wear. 


All backpacks come with a velcro "Explore More" patch.



Height - 11"

Width - 9"

Depth - 7"

- Padded and adjustable single strap shoulder design that can be worn on either shoulder.

- Water resistent
- Features 3 spacious compartments with zip-up closures.

- Main compartment offers 2 large pockets to keep everything organized on your adventures.

- Large pocket on the back for extra storage (great for extra treats or a long lead).
- Breathable mesh backing provides a comfortable feel in hot Canadian summers.
- Double zipper pulls on every compartment for easy access.


An example of how much you're capable of fitting inside this backpack, I fit:

- 25 foot long lead

- Multi-lead

- Emergency pet first aid kit

- Two 500ml water bottles

- Trail map

- Two packages of Happy Daisy freeze dried treats

- Poop bags

- Phone charger & portable power pack


Disclaimer: Do not clip your dog's leash to any parts of the pack.

The Explorer - Backpack

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