Biothane Grab Tab

This listing is for a BioThane Grab Tab.


Grab Tags are suitable for medium to large dogs, and they're great for city use, hiking in the woods and so much more. These can give you something to grab onto when you have your dog at an off-leash park, but can also give you some extra length to any leash when you clip into the O-ring. 


Our Biothane Grab Tabs are available in 3/4" width.



Our Grab Tabs are are 10-12" in length (depending in which hardware you choose for your creations).

Biothane Grab Tab

  • Biothane is a synthetic webbing coated with a PVC layer. It's water proof, stink proof and durable - making it a good option for dogs who love to swim, roll around in the mud and everything in between.

    Biothane has a leather-like look and a soft, flexible feel that will stay looking good as new for years to come.