Biothane Keychain

Prairie Dog Collar Co Keychains are a fun way for you to match your dog - or get a fun colour of your own! Pick a colour and hardware and look just as stylish as your pup. 


Our keychains are 6 inches long, and the handle is big enough to fit a couple of fingers through!

Biothane Keychain

  • Biothane is a synthetic webbing coated with a PVC layer. It's water proof, stink proof and even strong enough to go up against those avid chewers - making it a good option for dogs who love to swim, roll around in the mud and everything in between.


    Biothane has a leather-like look and a soft, flexible feel that will stay looking good as new for years to come. 


    How to clean Biothane

    Your Biothane collars can be cleaned very easily with a wet cloth and a little bit of soap! If the collar needs a little bit of extra love, you can use soap and a toothbrush.