Walk Set

Walk Set


This listing is for a standard collar and standard leash set (no double buckle collars, multi-leads, etc).


All of our biothane gear is made by hand in Lockport, MB. Our gear is created specifically for those adventurous and rambunctious pups who love to explore and get dirty. All of our products are made with water proof, stink proof, ultra durable Biothane with metal hardware. These collars are able to withstand anything your dog throws at them.


Sizing Guide:


Small: 10-14"
Medium: 14-18"
Large: 18-22"
Extra Large: 22-26"



Our standard leashes are 6 feet long  and come with your choice of biothane and hardware. These leashes are equipt with a D-ring built in to the handle, which is perfect for hanging your poop bag holders or your keys from. 


These leashes are sturdy and durable enough for even the most adventurous pups and will withstand any kind of weather you could imagine - even those frigid winter months. 


**1 inch leashes with matte black or rose gold hardware will come with a regular bolt snap**

Walk Set

  • Biothane is a synthetic webbing coated with a PVC layer. It's water proof, stink proof and even strong enough to go up against those avid chewers - making it a good option for dogs who love to swim, roll around in the mud and everything in between.


    Biothane has a leather-like look and a soft, flexible feel that will stay looking good as new for years to come. 


    How to clean Biothane

    Your Biothane leashes can be cleaned very easily with a wet cloth and a little bit of soap! If the leash needs a little bit of extra love, you can use soap and a toothbrush.