Long Lead

Our long lines are made with 3/4" BioThane and metal hardware. They are typically used for decompression walks, practicing recall or for on-leash areas where you'd like to give your dog some extra freedom. 


These long leads are perfect for hikes and rough terrain, as BioThane doesn't get tangled and knotted like nylon or other matierals do. Because it's waterproof, dragging it through water, mud or anything in between won't make it soggy or heavy. And when your adventure is done, all it needs is a quick wipe down with a wet cloth and it will be looking good as new. 


If you prefer to have your long lead made without a handle, please leave a note at check out.


These leashes are sturdy and durable enough for even the most adventurous pups and will withstand any kind of weather you could imagine - even those frigid winter months. 


** Please note that due to the length of material needed, the processing time may be longer than 2 weeks due to supplies and our supplier. If a specific colour is unavailable through our supplier, we may contact you to choose a different colour for your lead **


If you would like to upgrade your clasp to an auto-locking carabiner, click here.

Long Lead

  • Biothane is a synthetic webbing coated with a PVC layer. It's water proof, stink proof and durable - making it a good option for dogs who love to swim, roll around in the mud and everything in between.

    Biothane has a leather-like look and a soft, flexible feel that will stay looking good as new for years to come.