What are multi-leads?


Multi-leads are the ultimate regular length leash! This leash is 8 feet long and comes with clasps on both ends and has D-rings, O-rings and adjusters so you can convert the leash into whatever best suits your needs.


They can be converted into:

  • Regular leash with a handle
  • Hands free waist leash
  • Cross body leash
  • Tie out
  • Slip leash (recommended for short term or emergency use only)
  • Leash coupler to walk two dogs
  • Traffic lead


These multi-leads are made with 3/4 inch BioThane to keep it lighter and easier to use. 


  • Biothane is a synthetic webbing coated with a PVC layer. It's water proof, stink proof and durable - making it a good option for dogs who love to swim, roll around in the mud and everything in between.

    Biothane has a leather-like look and a soft, flexible feel that will stay looking good as new for years to come.